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break up, get up &walk away

(How to rock your break up & get over your ex!)

It is heartwarming, funny and most importantly exactly what you need to hear in order walk away from your ex with your head held up high and a big smile on your face!

Katie Stance, Design Expert

What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Nicole Lombardo Founder Of NML Coaching & Lusso Bags

    "A funny and raw, relatable memoir mixed in with thought-provoking self-help questions to help you understand your relationship with yourself. I highly recommend this book to both single and married ladies!"

So What’s The Book About?

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. The exact steps you need to take to heal your broken heart and take the journey back to yourself!
  2. Everything I have learned over the past fifteen years, including how the best revenge really was living well, and how I found my true self in the midst of all my heartbreak.
  3. The #1 mistakes you may be making that is holding you back from finding the love of your life!
  4. How to feel AMAZING even when you are suffering from a broken heart!

About The Author

Lindsey is a marketing professional by day and a hopeless romantic by night. And after taking a lot of time to explore her true passion in life, she finally found the common
denominator between her obsession with love and her obsession with marketing: her passion lies within the STORY itself. She loves hearing stories. She loves sharing stories. And while marketing is simply just sharing a story, she can tell you her obsession with love stories began when she was merely sixteen wishing on star that she would soon receive her first kiss.

While that is, in short, where her story begins, she believes that if everyone could truly tap into their inner self and take a moment to share their story, they can and will make a differ- ence in this world. And just like when you are a kid and wanting your parents to tell you just one more story, she hopes to leave people constantly wanting more.

She spent her 20s going from the restaurant industry as a Director of Marketing to the co-founder of Marketing Co-Op (, with a lot of jobs in between. To her, it is not the resume experience that matters—it is the failures, successes, and the lessons learned in between that have truly shaped her journey.

Her purpose is simple: Regardless of the industry or personal background, she longs to be a real and raw voice about failures, success stories, and life experiences in love, life, and business. To help those who don’t know where to start and give hope in making the impossible seem possible. And, most importantly, to help people find their purpose, tell their STORY, and make a difference in this world.

Her favorite moments in life are when a fellow entrepre- neur or person she is helping sees their dreams come to life. It is hard to describe, but it is that moment she gets to see the full effect of all of their work together. She currently resides by the water, with her soulmate. For fun, she loves yoga, running, karaoke, playing DJ at any moment, dance parties, and a little mix of Cabernet and good food (okay, maybe a lot of Cabernet and good food, but hey, a glass a day keeps the doctor away).

Lindsey has written for: Female Entrepreneur Association; Rock Your Bliss; Jacki Carr (goal coach on the rocks);; and others.

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